GripSox™ Non Slip Safety Socks

These unique socks have been specially designed with an extra stretch top Elastane band  for individuals with oedema (swelling) in the ankles and legs, as well as those with larger legs in general. They are also ideal for those of you who prefer their non-slip socks to come slightly higher above the ankle for added comfort and extra warmth.

  • Suitable for Ballet & Indoor Sports Requiring Good Grip
  • Latex free
  • High stretch top band
  • Anklet & Stretch Top Option
  • Seamless toe for comfort
  • Fitted heel to prevent sock rotation
  • 95% cotton for breathability
  • These new GripSox Stretch Top® socks are available in red and black in the following three sizes:

Small Size 2-8, Medium Size 6-11, Large Size 11-14, Medical Size XL

Available in Anklet & Stretch Top options.